Shooting posture is one of the elements affecting the accuracy of the shot. In static shooting, the main factor is stability. While in combat shooting, postural stability must be coordinated with the ability to move.

Shooting postures are divided into three basic, which are not forced: standing, kneeling and lying down.

The standing shooting position provides the shooter with great mobility, which means quick movement in any direction, leaving the line of fire with the possibility of switching to other positions depending on the situation.

What do we need to know about the posture itself to make the posture stable! We set our legs hip-width apart with slightly bent legs in a fighting position. Setting the feet in such a fighting stance is an individual feature of each shooter. For some it will be the right foot in front and for others it will be the left foot, it all depends on which foot we put in front in the fighting stance. How else can we verify this by sliding on the slide, the right or left leg will be in front and we will position ourselves at the shooting range in the same way. It must be remembered that when shooting, the right or left foot should be slightly moved forward relative to the other, max 30 cm. Our attitude is to be as close to our natural attitude as possible. As for the body positioning. The torso is positioned frontally, leaning forward so that its weight suppresses the recoil of the weapon. The arms are straight and locked at the elbows.


Our targets to improve your shooting posture: